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Traditional mediums still have a place in my heart. Here are some drawings I created with mechanical pencil and Micron inks. My favourite style to utilize is pointillism. I use it mostly for shading.

Ink drawing of birthday

Birthday (gift for a friend)

Ink drawing of handyman tools

Handyman (created for client's business cards & flyers

Surreal ink drawing of mechanical glass ball, polka dot blanket


Ink drawing of ballet dancer, red ribbon

Tiny Dancer

Surreal ink drawing butterfly in fantasy land

Realm of the Butterfly

Surreal ink drawing of broken globe in fantasty land

Lights Out in Wonderland

Surreal ink drawing of screw protruding from checkerboard

A Screw Loose

Surreal ink drawing of frog in hallway

The Halls of St. Croque

Ink drawing cloaked skull, leather boot, claw marks


Surreal ink drawing of mermaid tail, genie bottle

When You Believe

Ink drawing of key against heart background

Key to My Heart

Ink drawing of light bulb flying out of bird cage

Taking Flight

Surreal ink drawing stopwatch in fantasy land

Only Time Will Tell

Ink drawing of underwater vessel

Sea Expedition - Ver. 2

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