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Tali Rachelle. The Artist.

"Your work speaks much louder than you do." Hi there! I'm Tali Rachelle, a self-taught graphic artist, illustrator, and USAF veteran. I heard this line OFTEN during my college years as a Technical Design undergraduate. When I'm working on my designs, I prefer to be alone with my headsets on. I tune out the rest of the world and allow song lyrics to "pump me up" and even, at times, inspire my art. 


I've been teaching myself to draw since early childhood; it's an inherited trait. I rarely have a story in mind when I'm creating and I don't really have a signature style. I'm always practicing different techniques and honing my skills to make my art more interesting. This results in a manifestation of a series of designs. My technique involves using traditional mediums and digital editing software. I have a soft spot for technical design, surrealism, and all things fantastical. What I create is authentically me. I create the art I want to see in the world.

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